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“I have being using REVAMP Service's, Michelle Norton who manages my two multifamily investment properties. Michelle and her company is overseeing on a monthly basis the management of the properties, collecting…”

Property Investor

“In 2002 we made our first home purchase, with Michelle as our realtor. As most people know, buying your first house can be a difficult and worrisome event. But Michelle made the process clear and easy. She always…”

Bob D – Bought and Sold in Roxbury

“I have known Michelle Norton for a long time and she has always been extremely honest, faithful and has performed her job in a paramount manner. I own two investment properties which she has rented for me quickly…”

Property Investor - Rockaway NJ


Revamp Property Services is a full service real estate brokerage specializing in residential and commercial real estate. Let our team of professionals take care of all your real estate needs from start to finish.
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