Go Green!!!


  Increase your homes value by making it environmentally friendly.   Read the Original Article Here: Do Green Homes Fetch Higher Sales Prices?

New Listing – Mount Olive

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New Rental Listing

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NJ top 5 foreclosure state

chester garden club nj

With 1 foreclosure in every 273 homes NJ ranks the 5th in the States for highest foreclosures. Read more…     Read the Original Article Here: 10 States with Highest Foreclosure Rates

Great News for 2014


Home prices are on the increase, home sales are on the increase, new construction 50% increase and on top of that mortgage rates remain low.     Read the Original Article Here: Sunnier Days Ahead in Housing, Freddie Says

More great news!


In the past higher priced homes have been sitting on the market for a long time and having to endure major price reductions – great news that builders have confidence in the luxury market…     Read the Original Article Here: Speculative Building Returns to Luxury Market

Happy Spring!


For many years now we have not seen home price increases but this could be the year as consumers are more confident in the housing market so let’s get those homes on the market.     Read the Original Article Here: Survey: Consumer Confidence in Housing Hot This Spring